#nosmokingorchestra by psydeli

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by psydeli

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by psydeli

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Solstice Weekend

Hello friends of Psychedelicatessen,

Just wanted to let you know that we will be open This Friday, Saturday, and Sunday from 8pm till 3am…

Delicious late night food

Wonderful music too…

Friday June 20th  Emily (Fanciful Mermaid Pop) 10pm

Saturday June 21st Hobo Sapiens (Theatrical psyche hop) 12:00 am midnight

Sunday June 22nd Caulborn (Dreamy guitar rock) 9pm

Hope to see you there…

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by psydeli

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What does the water say? by psydeli

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by psydeli

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The lights will Dim and the tables pushed aside

Psychedelicatessen is open this weekend Friday and Saturday from 8pm to 3am serving Dumplings, salads, savory treats and sweets.  Come in for sliding scale food and entertainment including an evening of music tonight starting at 9pm with Jason Belcher and friends and continues at midnight with a surprise show from Duke Airplane and the Wrong Numbers.  This will be a special evening of music.

Saturday will be an evening of audio hallucinatory mindscape and dance music from DJ Chia starting around Midnight.  The lights will Dim and the tables pushed aside. Come and Dance.

We are excited to announce that we have applied for non-profit status and Psychedelicatessen can continue with the mission to bring Psychedelic arts, culture and education.  The Psychedelic lifestyle has been lived in the closet for too long.  Let us get together and share what we know.

We have almost completed our back yard terrace. The fence is being built by Marty Gil and will create another space for communing.  Lochoe is making Dumplings Daily and we welcome Anna Pardenik, who will be helping with Booking and curating acoustic music on Wednesday and Thursday nights with a limited food menu.  We will announce those hours when they are finalized.

We continue to encourage and remind you to Use Psychedelicatessen to share your skills, workshop, Host an event, Fundraiser, or Rent the space for a private function…

Heading to Europe for a month. enjoy Pdeli while I’m away.  Visit Psychedelicatessen.org for occasional updates and picture from my European adventure..Until then

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Spielpalast Cabaret

If you don’t know, I am the MC of Spielpalast Cabaret. our 13th season begins at Contois Auditorium in City Hall on Friday May 9th. and runs through May 17th.  Get your tickets at the Flynn Box Office. As Friends of Psychedelicatessen, I will let you in on a secret Free performance of Spielpalast this Saturday May 10th.  We will be Parading from church st at 8pm and will host a Nitty Gritty seedy show at 19 Decatur St. starting at 9:30.  Bring a friend… Cash bar and Donations all go to the Spielpalast. Hope you all get a chance to see the show… and bring your Mom to City Hall on Mothers Day for the first Scandalous show.




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We are but a seed

Hello Psychedelicatessen family,

We are but a seed, full of potential waiting for the perfect conditions to burst forth.

The potential energy of Psychedelicatessen has yet to be tapped

I call on you to Use this space to expand, explore, and develop our Minds

to create, celebrate, and communicate our similarities and our differences

My intention was to make a space for ideas to be shared and passions fueled

So please come with your interests. let Psychedelicatessen be your launching pad.

With that said, This week we will be open Thursday for an event with Dug Nap, Ryan Fauber and Nikolaus tea.  The Facebook link is


There will be a Mothers Day Brunch. see the Psychedelicatessen Facebook page for information.  This is a reservation only Brunch by Kimberly

There have been little to no Dinner customers between 5pm and 10pm so I am once again changing hours. We will be open from 8 to 3 am on Friday and Saturday and for events that will be send to you with these email.

There have been so many wonderful events in the last month or two.. Theater, Music, discussions, Dance parties, spontaneous expressions, and yummy Dumplings… Let keep the magic

Still seeking help with Booking and promoting… I could turn into a job…

keep pushing the boundaries



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